Family Action Network / FAN Club
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Membership in the Family Action Network  (FAN) in support of the US Army ROTC Golden Eagle Battalion is open to individuals, companies and organizations that want to aid in the success of the cadets and the battalion. There is no fee to join. We suggest that you make a donation of $25 to help pay for the food and items we provide to the battalion. There will also be additional events that we will be seeking your help through donations of time, money or other items.

To join the FAN Club, contact us at:

To Make a Donation to the FAN Club:
Send your check to: Barb Rezabek, 0N612 Alta Lane, Windfield, IL 60190. Your check should be made out to: Golden Eagle Battalion F.A.N. Club. Barb's email address is:

Contact the FAN Club:
You can reach Karen Christian Smith at:

View Photographs of Golden Eagle Battalion Events:

Contact the Golden Eagle Battalion
Battalion phone number: 800-563-7339800-563-7339 FREE/414-288-7195414-288-7195

Battalion commander: LTC Michael Gibson (email)

Battalion staff:

Golden Eagle Facebook:!/USArmyROTC?fref=ts

Marquette Army ROTC  Facebook:!/MarquetteArmyROTC

Marquette Army ROTC Twitter: @MUArmyROTC 

Show your pride
in the cadets
with Golden Eagle Battalion apparel

The ROTC Offices
are in the
Gymnasium Building
It is located on the Marquette
Univeristy campus at the
corner of Clybourn Street
and 16th Street in
Milwaukee, WI.

MU Athletic Fields
are located at
1818 W. Canal St.
in Milwaukee, WI